2 years ago 3 Mar, 12

"pive, for, freee, twooo, one!" Catherine Eshank slowly counted down from twenty, playing hide and seek with her mother. Nora had completely forgotten that she was supposed to be playing her hundredth round of hide and seek with her youngest, who was not old enough for school yet. Nora looked up from her place in the kitchen, reading a book, spotting her daughter looking around in the living room. She nearly swore at the realization that she had forgotten and hid behind the book she was reading, hoping it would fool her two year old. 

"Mummy! Mummy! Mummy!" The little girl called out, rushing around the room, getting agitated with her not being able to find her mother. She started to tear up and blubber. Nora quickly dropped the book and ran over to her baby girl and scooped her up, telling her that her Mummy was here and she wasn’t going to leave her. Even 14 years after the death of her parents, she still hated the idea that her children would even be without her. Catherine eventually stopped crying, sucking on her thumb as Nora and her hugged in the living room. "F-F-Found you, Mama." She managed.