2 years ago 3 Mar, 12

Nora finished singing her second to last song on the stage, the small crowd cheering as she did. It was her first major singing engagement since she’d released her album and it had gotten to Number 6 on the I-tunes chart. She mostly did small concerts and this was the first one where her daughter, who was 7 and her son, Tomas, just turned two had come to the show. She could spot Joanna waving off stage and it killed her that she couldn’t jump down and hug her little girl. 

"Daddy?" Joanna looked up to Peter, who had Tomas half asleep in his arms. She was still waving at Nora as she stared up at her father. Peter hummed to acknowledge that his little girl had spoken to her and ruffled her curls. "Why is Mummy not waving back?" She asked. Peter chuckled and crouched down to her eye level to kiss her cheeks. 

"Because she’s busy, sweetie. But she’ll give you a big hug and a kiss later, I promise. But I bet she can see you and loves your waving." He told her as the crowd cheered at Nora starting to sing her final song, that she’d written whilst pregnant with Joanna seven years ago. Joanna pouted for a few seconds but nodded and went back to waving.